Syed M. Rehan

Sr. Sitecore Developer (.Net)

Dubai, UAE

Sitecore® 9.1 Certified Platform Associate Developer

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Profile - About Me

Rehan Wasti
  • Syed Muhammad Rehan
  • April 22, 1980
  • Dubai , UAE
  • Master of Computer Science (MCS) From University of Karachi
  • +971 55 350 8892

I am Sitecore® 9.1 Certified Platform Associate Developer. Qualified & Experienced Software Engineer specialized in Software, Web and Mobile Applications under Microsoft Platform. I have a proven track record of performing under high-energy environment; both as an individual and as a team member. I am a dynamic individual who knows how to get-things-done under time sensitive deadlines.

I work very well with people and technology, am very determined and self-motivated. I learn quickly and have a passion about my work. I think you will find my attitude and aptitude quite refreshing.

Microsoft BizSpark 2011 Microsoft Windows Phone Bootcamp WowzAPP is a worldwide hackathon for Windows
My Expertise
Apps Development

HTML5 Games Development, Windows Phone Apps Development, Windows 8 Apps Development.

Customize CMS and Tools

Customize CMS Development for websites, Responsive Designs, IP Blocker and Images Resizing Tools.

N-Tire Application Architecture

Windows Services, Web Services, Rest API Development.

Certificate Courses
March 25, 2019
I cleared sitecore 9.1 Platform Associate Developer Certification.
November 2011
Microsoft Innovation Center (Fast University)
May 2009 to July 2009
April 2001 to August 2001
InteraDigit (College of Digital Sciences CDS)
August 2000 to April 2001
InteraDigit (College of Digital Sciences CDS)
April 2000 to June 2000
Computer Collegiate

Resume - Personal Info

Development Skills
SQL Server
Crystal Reports
Adobe Photoshop
JQuery UI
JQuery Mobile
Third party CMS Skills
Adobe Business Catalyst
Hobbies Skills
Play Video Game
Language Skills
My Resume
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  • Sr. Sitecore Developer 01-2015 to 02-2019
    Belong Interactive (Dubai, UAE)

    Working in the capacity of Sr. Sitecore Developer, deliver following services and some major projects are:

    Major Clients work with Majid Al Futtaim(MAF), Philip Morris international(PMI) and Yas Mall.

    - Developing various Sitecore, Umbraco CMS and ASP.NET/MVC/C# projects.
    - Multilingual web application development.
    - Developed too many Sitecore campaigns like Monther's Day, Valentine's Day, Earth Hour, National Day, Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Summer Surprises etc. Also integrate third party API's in Sitecore websites like VOX Cinema movies listing & Zomato API integration on MAF websites.
    - Web Services creation for mobile applications as well as 3rd party applications.
    - I developed many Customize application in as per client request. One of the example Consumer Authorization System. Which is validate user from IBM Silver pop.
    - Database design, creation, normalization, stored procedures and implementation in MS SQL Server.
    - Manage onsite deployments and go-live roll out for client projects.

  • Sr. Software Engineer 03-2013 to 12-2014
    DreamsCreative (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

    Working in the capacity of Sr. Software Engineer, deliver following services and some major projects are:

    UI Development
    - Converting PSD template to web template by using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3
    - Export these templates into third party CMS or our own Customize CMS
    Developing Customize CMS by using and SQL Server for our clients
    Bugs fixing in SharePoint websites
    Developing website in different CMS
    - Self Developed Customize CMS in
    - Adobe Business Catalyst (CMS)
    - Umbraco
    - Sitefinity
    Developed HTML5 Games for ADIHEX 2013 and 2014 Developed flipbooks

  • Sr. Software Engineer 03-2008 to 02-2013
    Discount Micro Sale (DMS) Research (Pvt.) Ltd.

    As Sr. Software Engineer, deliver following services and some major projects are:

    Developing Apps
    - Windows Phone Apps
    - Windows 8 Apps
    Working on different type of Web modules
    - Online Shopping Cart System
    - Human Resource Management System
    - Advertising Management Tool
    - Online Classified
    - Business Listing
    - Price Compression Engine
    Create yahoo store websites.
    Development of Credit card verification Tools by Using PayPal & VeriSign APIs.
    Create Windows Service
    - Download Invoices from emails, update in database and download attachments.
    - Create IP Blocker for IIS6 and IIS7 to block IPs
    Desktop Applications
    - Image resizing tool
    - Crawler
    - Images Download tool (Download by using Crawler and Google Shopping APIs)

  • Sr. Web Developer 10-2007 to 03-2008
    Worldwide Computer Systems

    As Sr. Web Developer and delivered following services:

    - Planned, Developed Methods and Procedures for implementing programs, directed and coordinated program activities, and exercised control over personnel responsible for specific functions or phases of Website
    - Prepared the project plan in collaboration with the team members.
    - Conferred with project staff to outline work plan and to identify both formal and informal team roles; assign duties, responsibilities, and scope of authority for each member of the team.
    - Controlled and ensure the quality of project, implementation methodology and associated quality control procedures.
    - Established a spirit of collaboration and teamwork.

  • Software Developer 03-2005 to 10-2007
    Cyber & Soft Co.

    Start As software developer and I promote as Sr. Software Developer.
    I created many applications in Visual Basic 6.0 and reports on Crystal Reporter 8.5.
    Some major projects are:

    - Accounts Management System
    - Inventory Management System
    - Dying Management System
    - Pharmaceutical Inventory Management System
    - Garments Factory Mini ERP

Portfolio - My Works

  • All
  • Web Development
  • HTML5 Apps
  • Windows Phone
  • Windows 8 Apps


Microsoft WOWZApps Event
  • November 12, 20124
  • Syed Muhammad Rehan
  • WOWZApps 2012

WowzAPP is a worldwide hackathon for Windows.
Join thousands of developers worldwide, November 9-11, 2012, as we build apps for the next generation of Windows.
I got Microsoft Mouse on submission of Event’s First Windows 8 app in event of WOWZAPPS organized by Microsoft Innovation Center Pakistan

View Event
  • March 19, 2012
  • Syed Muhammad Rehan
  • Microsoft Innovative Center (MIC) Karachi

Windows Phone Application Development
I got certificate from Microsoft Innovative Center and Windows Phone as reward of maximum number and high quality Application for Windows Phone.

View Event
  • March 09, 2011
  • Syed Muhammad Rehan
  • Microsoft Catalyst 2011

Microsoft Catalyst Program held in Marriott Hotel Karachi on 9 March 2011.
Microsoft Innovation Center invited me to showcase my DMS Password Organizer Application for Windows Phone 7 in this event. I represent my office DMS Research Pvt. Ltd., in this event.

  • March 04, 2011
  • Syed Muhammad Rehan
  • Microsoft BizSpark 2011

I developed Password Organizer Windows Phone application and showcase in Microsoft BizSpark Camp 2011. Here I represent to my office DMS Research Pvt. Ltd. This event organized by Microsoft BizSpark for showcasing different selective Products for Windows Phone 7.

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  • Adress: Dubai , UAE.

  • Email:
  • Phone: +971 55 350 8892
  • Website:
  • Skype: rehan.wasti
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